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FALKEN 205/55R16 91W FK-452 2055516

FALKEN 205/55R16 91W FK-452 2055516
Product Code: TFK2055516FK452
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   Technical Specifications
 Size  20555R16   Size Clean  2055516 
 Static Load  0.0   Tread Depth (In 32nds)   
 Overall Diameter  24.900   Ply Rating  STD 
 Rim Width  6.50   Section Width  8.346 
 Load Index  91   Tire Sidewall  BW 
 Type     Speed Rating  W 
 UTQG  300AAA   Mileage  0 
 Max PSI Single  51   Max Load Single  1356 
 Max PSI Dual     Max Load Dual   
 Wheel Size  16.0   Weight  23.76 

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